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Browse an ongoing collection of fine art and photographic works created by Arthur Todd Fix.

As Graphic Designer and Fine Artist, he creates both commercial art as well as fine art. He studied fine art at the University of Oregon and received his Graphic Design degree at PCC.

His fine art creation style is “realist,” rendered in mediums of watercolor, graphite, colored pencil and oil pastel. Favorite subjects are; landscapes, nature and intimate portraiture.

Photography, digital rendering and digital montages, are intrests acquired and nurtured through graphic arts training. Subjects include, rustic architecture, flowers & fauna, nature and imaginary creations.

Museum quality giclée prints of his work are available as open editions, framed or unframed, printed on a wide variety of media. His works are also available as folding greeting cards. Please visit his POD (print on demand) site to purchase these directly.

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Originals and limited edition signed giclée prints can be obtained by contacting him directly here or using the "contact" link at the top of each page.

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